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We offer a space for community, meditation, and mindful growth to come together in perfect harmony.

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spread MEDITATION with the world
Our vision, led by  Brandon Mehrgut, is to spread meditation to 10% of the US in person, not through your phone screen.

We do that through in-person meditation classes, corporate training, and more.

Join our community.

Mindfulness and meditation aren't meant to be solo-endeavors through a phone screen.

But we get it, the world is online today and so here we are as well. We've built a robust online community that is empowered by real, in-person meetups.

Classes & programs for everyone? Yup.

Are you someone who's never meditated before?
We've got you covered.

Would you like to add mindfulness into your work as a coach or therapist?
We've got a class for that.

Are you a business that wants to improve mental wellbeing and culture in your workplace?
You've come to the right place.

Join our 500+ community.

We're on a mission to spread mindfulness across the entire world — join us today.

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Get live feedback from your class

Stop wondering if "you're doing it right" and actually focus on your practice.

The best part of practicing mindful meditation as part of a community is getting real, live feedback from coaches and your peers.

Your growth is our success metric.

We guarantee results and will work with you to track performance or offer a full-refund if the results don't match the goals we set.


Explore our courses

We have a 100% completion rate with 5/5 reviews from all of our alumni.

Free Group Meditation

Welcome to Austin's Monthly Meditation Meet Up!

This group is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive space for individuals interested in meditation, and living a successful life. We also explore topics such as spiritual guidance, leadership, accountability, and Buddhist Sangha interests.

This group meet-up is once per month both online and offline. Click below to learn more.

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Accountability Group

Awake Space is a place to be calm in a small group of weekly dedicated meditators. We are here to help you slow down, and be present.

Click the link below to learn more:

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See why our cohorts are loved by our alumni

We have a 100% completion rate with 5/5 reviews from all of our alumni.

Frequent questions

You have questions and we have answers

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The program taught me how to authentically build a practice that serves others and supports myself.

Michael Arnstein, MTA Wellness

I always come out of our coaching sessions with much more confidence, belief in the importance of my work, and a clear path forward.

Dr. Michael Roberts, The Mindfulness Tree

The group calls offered nourishing community support in a line of work that is daunting to navigate solo.

Noah Pomeroy, This Moment Mindfulness

This program improved how we present ourselves and our services effectively to companies — directly increasing our revenue.

Jacob Aqua, Source Wellness

I was online with my fellow cohort members for hours every day, learning about the course material and discussing it with them.

Yemi Musa, Spotify

It was a great experience, and I'm so glad I did it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn online.

Raya Dashford, Twitter

I loved getting to know my classmates and teachers. Each cohort was incredibly helpful and super fun!

Shay Radson, webflow

The GoClass teachers were great at teaching us how to create beautiful and effective websites.

Taylor Waham, Zapier

Learn more about who we are

All of our classes are taught by teachers who will help you every step of the way.

Learn about us
Learn about us
Frequent questions

You have questions and we have answers

Take the first step toward a more mindful life, today.

How do I get started?

Starting with mindfulness looks different for everyone.

Here at Zission, you can join our free community, schedule a call with our founder, or take a short quiz to receive a custom mindfulness plan made just for you.

What does Zission do?

We provide a range of mindfulness-based services. These include:

  • Group Meditation Classes

  • Corporate Mindfulness Training

  • Meditation Leader Training

How often are classes?

Once a month we host our free Meditation Meet Up, which will happen offline and online.